Vanilla Ice Seminar

A Vanilla Ice Seminar may be coming to a town near you! Vanilla Ice wants to get word out about the power of investing in real estate in today’s market and one of the ways to spread that message is through a local Vanilla Ice Seminar.

While other early 90s music stars fell onto hard times when their careers slowed, Vanilla Ice turned his attention to real estate. He taught himself by reading books, going to seminars and buying courses. In just a few short years, he was a millionaire real estate investor in his own right. Some 16 years since first starting his real estate side career, Vanilla Ice now has his own hit TV show “The Vanilla Ice Project” where he shows people how to buy, renovate and resell property for a profit.

At a Vanilla Ice Seminar, you’ll discover the power of real estate and how through applying the right techniques and systems, anyone can radically change their financial future. To learn more about real estate investing, grab a FREE copy of the Vanilla Ice Real Estate Guide. We hope to see you at the next local Vanilla Ice Seminar.

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