The Vanilla Ice Project: Remodel Rapper Robert Van Winkle Gets to Work

In the DIY Network series, The Vanilla Ice Project, remodel rapper Vanilla Ice picks up a hammer, shovel, rake, or whatever home-improvement tool he needs to completely renovate a property he picked up through a short sale.

The primary task of The Vanilla Ice Project’s remodel rapper is the complete renovation of the entire house since the previous owners gutted the building, removing everything of value they could take including toilets, crown molding, lighting fixtures, and more.

In Season 1 of The Vanilla Ice Project, remodeling is a familiar task for rapper Vanilla Ice. With more than a dozen years of experience under his tool belt, Rob Van Winkle (aka rapper Vanilla Ice) is quite comfortable tearing down walls, tricking out rooms, and putting the finishing touches to a home-renovation job well done.

Airing on the DIY Network in the near future, season 2 of The Vanilla Ice Project with remodel rapper Vanilla Ice is set to bring more of the same with landscaping tips, interior makeovers, and garage restoration all wrapped up in one reality TV season.

If anyone knows what is on the plate next with season 2 of the DIY airing of The Vanilla Ice Project, remodel rapper Van Winkle isn’t saying. For fans of this reality-based series, the wait for upcoming home-remodeling episodes is pleasant and filled with anticipation.

Stay tuned to HGTV for another season of The Vanilla Ice Project with remodel rapper Van Winkle and his construction crew. You never know what is in store for you until the viewing begins. So, in the meantime, why not catch a few episodes of season 1 while you wait?

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