The Vanilla Ice Project: Design Ideas

Last season’s DIY series, The Vanilla Ice Project, incorporated a design philosophy arrived at through a consultation with staging expert, Krista Watterworth.

The reality-based series presented the complete makeover of a Wellington mansion by 1990’s rapper Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle) and his construction crew on the DIY Network. While Van Winkle has plenty of home-renovation experience of his own, he decided to bring in an expert for The Vanilla Ice Project for design ideas that would help sell the mansion once remodeling efforts were completed.

Throughout the do-it-yourself series, The Vanilla Ice Project, design philosophies were incorporated not only to stage the interior, but also, the exterior. The Wellington mansion had been completely gutted by the previous owners, who removed every possible fixture and decorative accent they could.

Van Winkle had a clear slate when renovating this house, as is clearly seen in each episode of The Vanilla Ice Project. Designer Watterworth is noted as having mentioned that rapper, Vanilla Ice, is easy going and knowledgeable.

The second season of The Vanilla Ice Project and its design philosophies is expected to provide an informative array of home-remodeling and renovation designs that other do-it-yourselfers can incorporate in their own homes.

The newest episodes of The Vanilla Ice Project with a healthy dose of home-design infused into them are expected to begin filming in July 2011 in the Palm Beach area. For previous episodes of DIY Network’s The Vanilla Ice Project and its design philosophies, please visit the DIY website.

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