The Vanilla Ice Project: Building Homes Over

A recent development in the array of do-it-yourself shows airing on television, The Vanilla Ice Project, presents home building with a unique twist. The DIY series is hosted by none other than Vanilla Ice, pop icon of the 1990s.

In The Vanilla Ice Project, the host is rebuilding a variety of structural and aesthetic elements of a dilapidated Wellington mansion that he picked up through a short sale. This first season of The Vanilla Ice Project portrayed building ideas and designs developed by Vanilla Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle, along with that of a designer he brought into the show.

The popularity of season one of The Vanilla Ice Project and its building scenarios filled with do-it-yourself tips has led to a green signal for a new season set to air sometime in the near future. Filming of The Vanilla Ice Project complete with new building scenes, host Vanilla Ice, and his construction crew is set to take place on location in the Palm Beach area.

Many viewers might be surprised to see the skills that Vanilla Ice has as a handyman. Nonetheless, Van Winkle does show a lot of talent on The Vanilla Ice Project as he puts together building ideas designed to turn a rundown house into a sight to behold.

Rob began his building career with new construction, but quickly moved over to remodeling existing houses when the bottom fell out of the real estate market. The Vanilla Ice Project and its building sequences have become a popular documentary not only for fans of the rapper, but also, for do-it-yourself gurus who enjoy watching home-improvement television shows.

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