The Vanilla Ice Project: Remodel Rapper

In the DIY reality-based series, The Vanilla Ice Project, remodel is the primary theme of each episode as former rapper, Vanilla Ice, takes a hammer in hand and begins the involved task of bringing new life to a dilapidated mansion. In addition to his musical talent, this 1990’s pop star (Robert Van Winkle) knows a lot about how to remodel a home. Hand-selecting a construction crew to assist him in his do-it-yourself endeavors on his hit show, The Vanilla Ice Project, Van Winkle begins his remodel with enthusiasm.

Starting with the outside of the home, Van Winkle completely redoes the landscaping and pool area of the sadly-abandoned exterior during episodes 1 and 2 of The Vanilla Ice Project. Home renovation isn’t new to this musically-talented, and he proves his worth as a home-remodeling expert in each additional segment of The Vanilla Ice Project, where renovation is the keyword of the day. As reality TV shows go, The Vanilla Ice Project offers useful remodel tips along with informative facts about local flora and landscaping ideas. It’s worth watching not only for the camaraderie that exists among the Vanilla Ice construction crew, but also, for the home-design ideas that come with it.

The ratings for this do-it-yourself home-remodeling series are good enough to merit the continuance of The Vanilla Ice Project remodel episodes for an upcoming season. While the setting for season 2 is going to be different, The Vanilla Ice Project remodel scenarios for the coming year promise to bring more of the same with home remodeling, upgrades, landscaping designs, and interior home renovation taking place.

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