The Vanilla Ice Project: Learn to Make Money in Real Estate from the Man Himself

The Vanilla Ice Project:
Learn to Make Money in Real Estate…
from the Man Himself

Vanilla Ice Project />The <strong>Vanilla Ice Project </strong>on DIY Network was one of the most talked about breakout shows of 2010.  With the host, Vanilla Ice, picking up dilapidated properties at less than market value and renovating them for a profitable turnaround on the market, this latest Vanilla Ice development on DIY Network promises more of the same action.<br /> Now, you can <em>learn to flip homes from Vanilla Ice himself!</em></p> <p>More details are coming soon...but this is the OFFICIAL training from Rob 'Vanilla Ice' Van Winkle.   You will learn his exact strategies for making

If you remember the catchy phrase, “Ice Ice Baby,” then you might want to pay close attention.

The latest scuttlebutt on the owner of the voice, Vanilla Ice,  is the development of a hit TV show The Vanilla Ice Project, a DIY Network show with a devoted fan base.

Although you won’t catch him singing the catchy tune “Ice Ice Baby” on the home-improvement show, you will get to see the rapper in action as he rips up tired landscaping, puts in new flooring, and completely redoes the mansion in style.

Vanilla Ice offers a fresh look at house-renovating strategies for those individuals who enjoy dabbling in do-it-yourself projects.

The DIY show, The Vanilla Ice Project, focuses on home improvement and the development of a themed strategy designed to transform the appearance of the mansion.

Now you can learn the same strategies that he uses on the show to flip homes for MASSIVE profits!

With more than a decade of home remodeling experience under his belt, Van Winkle brings his expertise to this training.  All lessons are tackled with care and precision as he covers topics like customizing cabinetry, molding, and more.

Homemade entrepreneur and musician, Van Winkle is continuing along in his music career while creating new episodes of the Vanilla Ice Project with homemade do-it-yourself remodeling plans.

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