The Vanilla Ice Project: Homemade Entrepreneur and Home Renovator

Portraying the handyman side of the rapper Robert Van Winkle, the Vanilla Ice Project’s homemade renovation episodes offer a personal look at this musical icon of the 1990s along with an educational take on home renovation schemes.

The rapper is enjoying his new profession as a home renovator as seen in the Vanilla Ice Project’s homemade construction scenarios. Scooping up excellent deals on distressed real estate with the intention of remodeling the homes into luxurious residences, Rob brings his home-improvement skills and knowledge to the table in each Vanilla Ice Project’s homemade construction episode.

Vanilla Ice Project: Homemade Designs

With more than a decade of home remodeling experience under his belt, Van Winkle brings his expertise to the drawing board of the DIY Network’s Vanilla Ice Project. Homemade isn’t quite the same thing as customized, but for the Vanilla Ice construction crew, it might as well be. Each home-improvement project is tackled with care and precision as the Vanilla Ice crew personally customizes cabinetry, molding, and more.

Vanilla Ice Project: Homemade Entrepreneur

Popularly known for his music career as a rapper in the 1990 when his hit “Ice Ice Baby” reached the top of the music charts, Van Winkle’s self-taught home remodeling skills brought him to his hit DIY show, the Vanilla Ice Project. Homemade entrepreneur and musician, Van Winkle is continuing along in his music career while creating new episodes of the Vanilla Ice Project with homemade do-it-yourself remodeling plans.

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