The Landscaping Segment of the Vanilla Ice Program on DIY Network

The Vanilla Ice Program at DIY Network showcases the home-improvement skills of 1990s pop icon Vanilla Ice and his crew of construction workers as they renovate a mansion in dire need of a makeover.

Refurbishing, modernizing, and completely redoing the home’s interior and exterior is all part of the Vanilla Ice Program on the DIY Network.

For those TV viewers who missed season one, the home page of The Vanilla Ice Project at DIY Network’s website offers full episodes of each segment.

Sprucing up the tired-looking landscaping is only one of the techniques the Vanilla Ice Program DIY landscaping segment portrays in an effort to recreate curb appeal for this dilapidated yard. Putting in new pavers and landscape lighting to bring fresh life to the terrain are also part of the strategy for revitalizing this mansion’s rundown yard. Rob picks some of his ideas up driving around the Palm Beach area.

Landscaping is an important aspect of a home to Floridians. The yards, especially in Palm Beach, need to look gorgeous. So, this Vanilla Ice Program DIY landscaping segment is important.

For an added touch of pleasantry, the Vanilla Ice Program DIY series includes light-hearted bits and pieces of footage with Rob’s kids, who sometimes arrive on set to assist with tractor driving. Rob’s love of completely redoing a home from the outside in comes through in season one of the Vanilla Ice Program airing on the DIY Network.

The landscaping segment of the Vanilla Ice Program on the DIY Network shows how Rob creates dimension and beauty with colorful perennials and top-of-the-line landscaping lighting, while offering numerous tips on what types of plants, trees, and shrubs to discard and what to replace them with. If you need to do some landscaping, you should watch and pick up a few landscaping ideas yourself.

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