The Vanilla Ice Project: Build a Dream

In the Vanilla Ice Project, build up a home’s appearance and transforming it into exceptional living space is all part of a day’s work for rapper Vanilla Ice.

Just imagine being able to take a gutted mansion and transforming it into a luxurious home!

Wouldn’t it be nice? Well, in the Vanilla Ice Project, building around the existing structure of a Floridian mansion is all part of the plan.

From new landscaping to completely new purposes for certain areas of living space, no project is too small or too large in the Vanilla Ice Project.

Building and remodeling has been a passion for Robert Van Winkle, more commonly known as Vanilla Ice.

Project and building design ideas become reality in the rapper’s do-it-yourself TV series, the Vanilla Ice Project. Building a gutted-out mansion up from the exterior to the interior, the Vanilla Ice construction crew work together as a unit, while also experiencing a sense of camaraderie that influences the end result of the Vanilla Ice Project and its building design.

Green technology permeates the design and construction plans filmed during the Vanilla Ice Project building segments. With an eye toward eco-friendly living and a less expensive way of life, the Vanilla Ice Project building designs make good use of LED lighting systems.

Do-it-yourselfers should be able to pick up some good tips and design ideas in each episode of the Vanilla Ice Project from how to create a spa-like bath to building a home theater.

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