Vanilla Ice Project: DIY

Season one of The Vanilla Ice Project, a DIY Network series is hosted by Robert Van Winkle, former 90’s pop icon and rapper. The original premise of the show is to prove to other that you can make money flipping houses if you do it right.

The Vanilla Ice Project DIY Network series presents ten different episodes dedicated to completely remodeling an abandoned and stripped-down mansion, its yard, and garage.

Van Winkle picked up the house for less than market value with the intention of restoring it to a luxurious and livable condition in order to sell it for a profit.

Full episodes of The Vanilla Ice Project are on DIY’s Network website for those viewers who want to catch up on what they’ve missed. Vanilla Ice and his construction crew attempt to “do it right” by cleaning the mansion up while redesigning living space and renovating existing construction.

The popularity and success of season one of The Vanilla Ice Project DIY series has led to approval for a second season that promises to be filled with new home-improvement ideas and techniques.

The Vanilla Ice Project, DIY series offers a look at home remodeling that can be accomplished by individuals with a knack for holding a hammer and researching home-design ideas. Of course, with a home such as the dilapidated mansion that took center stage of season one of The Vanilla Ice Project DIY series, a construction crew was also needed to get the work done.

Who’s to say that do-it-yourselfers can’t hire a few friends and neighbors to help remodel, renovate, and restore a room or an entire home?

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