The Vanilla Ice Project: This Old House

Vanilla Ice made his TV debut as a reality-show host in the first season of The Vanilla Ice Project. This Old House provides quite a different type of home-improvement show, yet this new reality series hosted by Vanilla Ice on the DIY Network offers an informative half hour for anyone interested in home remodeling projects.

The Vanilla Ice Project does not imitate This Old House in any way. The new series is almost like a pop version of remodeling dilapidated homes and bringing back the luster of these unappealing homes with a bit of sparkle and shine that is reminiscent of the flash and dazzle of a music stage.

Former rapper and pop icon, Vanilla Ice, is well known for his music career.

Today, however, in addition to continuing his musical aspirations, the rapper is determined to share his love of home improvement. Offering similar how-to advice on The Vanilla Ice Project in a flashier manner than what is seen on This Old House, Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) clearly enjoys what he is doing.

The Vanilla Ice Project resembles This Old House and yet, viewers of the show see that it is nothing like it. Rob brings in a touch of family life, the camaraderie of the Vanilla Ice construction crew, and a wealth of information regarding flora native to the Palm Beach area along with a ton of home-improvement knowledge. If you want, visit the DIY Network on the Web and watch an episode of The Vanilla Ice Project and compare it with This Old House to see the difference for yourself.

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