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The DIY Network aired a home-improvement series during the fall of 2010 called The Vanilla Ice Project. Lowes and similar home-improvement stores may have picked up some additional business because of the show.

Hosted by Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle), this home remodeling show portrayed a variety of home-repair projects, many of which started from scratch. For many of the remodeling and landscaping projects on The Vanilla Ice Project, Lowes Home Improvement Stores would have been an appropriate place to shop.

The host, Vanilla Ice, is seen remodeling a run-down mansion in the Palm Beach area on his special, The Vanilla Ice Project. Lowes, Home Depot, and similar home-improvement stores provide construction, landscaping, painting, and other remodeling supplies and tools at reasonable prices due to their widespread presence in the United States.

One of the points repeatedly made by Van Winkle in his DIY series, The Vanilla Ice Project is to spend less and do it yourself. Lowes offers affordable, competitive prices on many of its products, enabling do-it-yourselfers a chance to save on home-improvement expenses.

For viewers of The Vanilla Ice Project, Lowes might not be the only store they intend to visit when attempting their own do-it-yourself home-upgrading scheme.

Any reputable home-improvement store should have the necessary supplies including electrical, lighting, landscaping, and construction supplies. Next time you check out a segment of The Vanilla Ice Project on HGTV, check Lowes for the supplies you need to complete your personal home remodeling project.

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