A Home Improvement Special: The Vanilla Ice Project HGTV Show

The latest in the entourage of reality series that have been cropping up, the show featuring former rapper Robert Van Winkle as the host is called the Vanilla Ice Project. HGTV, or Home and Garden Television, is known for airing an eclectic variety of home maintenance and renovation shows throughout the year.

The Vanilla Ice Project, an HGTV series, takes viewers along a path of home-remodeling strategies performed in a house that had been stripped to bare walls and floors to a fresh vision of luxurious space, both inside and outside.

The host of the Vanilla Ice Project, HGTV home-improvement series is no other than Vanilla Ice, a popular rapper from the 1990s. Blending his musical talent with more than a decade of home improvement experience as a self-taught remodeling expert, Van Winkle brings fresh home-remodeling ideas to the table in The Vanilla Ice Project, HGTV series.

His construction crew follows his lead on the Vanilla Ice Project, HGTV show to masterfully transform an ugly mansion into a vision of beauty. Each renovation that occurs is presented as a do-it-yourself project that viewers can tackle on their own.

Intended for the group of do-it-yourself home-remodeling gurus, the Vanilla Ice Project, HGTV special takes one room to task at a time. The first season of the series, located in the Palm Beach area, involved the remodeling of a 7,000±SF mansion. The second season of the Vanilla Ice Project HGTV series is expected to air in 2011 and promises to include clever remodeling projects and do-it-yourself home improvements.

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