The Vanilla Ice Development on DIY Network

The Vanilla Ice development on DIY Network continues to expand as season one of The Vanilla Ice Project has turned into an upcoming season two. With the host, Vanilla Ice, picking up dilapidated houses at less than market value and renovating them for a profitable turnaround on the housing market, this latest Vanilla Ice development on DIY Network promises more of the same action.

With this latest endeavor of Vanilla Ice, the development of DIY Network’s season two has yet to be revealed regarding times, dates, and episode material.
Some fans of the show are hoping a better time slot will be one of the results of this latest Vanilla Ice development on the DIY Network. In season one, The Vanilla Ice Project DIY series aired on Thursday nights, which any TV viewer can tell you is already filled with a number of popular shows.

The latest news for Vanilla Ice in the development of the DIY Network series is that the show is going to continue portraying the rapper’s home remodeling and renovation expertise as he strives to create something that looks fantastic out of something that does not.

The home remodeling and renovation scenarios are going to continue as the main focus of each segment in this project of Vanilla Ice’s in development on the DIY Network’s series. With Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) at the helm of his construction-crew, the second series of Vanilla Ice in development as a DIY series is anticipated to be just as spectacular and entertaining as the first ten episodes.

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