Vanilla Ice: Homes in Need of Renovation

During The Vanilla Ice Project, a home-and-garden DIY series, Vanilla Ice is seen renovating homes intended for resale. Season one of the show aired in the fall of 2010 with Rob Van Winkle, also known as 1990’s rapper Vanilla Ice, as the host.

While this combination might seem a bit odd, it really isn’t. Vanilla Ice has years of experience remodeling homes (his own) over the last decade or so. His knowledge of renovation techniques is extensive and is quite useful on The Vanilla Ice Project.

As the result of the show’s popularity, a second season is expected this year. The filming of Vanilla Ice and whatever homes he intends to renovate takes place onsite in the vicinity of Palm Beach.

Rob brings in a construction crew, and sometimes a design expert, to assist in the remodeling work that must take place. For the Vanilla Ice crew, homes are enticing, especially houses that need a lot of work. The Wellington mansion in season one of The Vanilla Ice Project was purchased by Rob as the result of a short sale.

If the Vanilla Ice series continues to be popular, more homes could be on the horizon, hopefully beyond season two, for Rob and his crew of hammer-happy construction workers. Previous episodes of The Vanilla Ice Project can be seen at the DIY Network’s website.

Why not catch up if you missed out last year before the airing of season two begins?

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