The Vanilla Ice Building Series

One of the latest reality-based shows with a do-it-yourself theme that focuses on home renovation and remodeling projects, The Vanilla Ice Project stars Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, building up a dilapidated mansion back to its former glory. Set in Wellington, the first season aired eleven episodes, each of which involved one room or area of the home and Vanilla Ice’s building techniques used in the restoration of the home.

With season one under its belt, so to speak, this DIY Network series is already preparing for season two, which is expected to begin filming in the summer of 2011.

In the Vanilla Ice building series, this 1990s celebrity adds fresh life to tired-out houses that are in sad need of renovation and repair. The DIY Network’s home improvement series has Vanilla Ice showing off his home building skills without the need for him to build homes from scratch anymore.

Finding the process of flipping homes to be more profitable than some people realize, Vanilla Ice enjoys using his building skills to transform houses into attractive homes that people want to buy. Van Winkle has stated that despite a slow economy, his renovation business has not suffered any.

Tune in for one of the hottest developments on the DIY Network, The Vanilla Ice Project starring this pop-star icon in an enjoyable home-building show that includes informative dialogue and footage. Restoring the beauty and character to homes that have been left to ruin is more than just an enjoyable hobby for Vanilla Ice who loves building new aspects into homes for a living.

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The Vanilla Ice Project



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