From Ice Ice Baby to Real Estate Development

If you remember the catchy phrase, “Ice Ice Baby,” then you might want to tune into HGTV’s latest development in the career of Vanilla Ice for a half-hour of entertaining and informative footage on a comprehensive renovation and remodeling of a mansion in the Wellington/Palm Beach area.

The latest scuttlebutt on the owner of the voice that sang “Ice Ice Baby” back in the 1990s is the development of a second series of The Vanilla Ice Project, a DIY Network show with a devoted fan base.

Although you won’t catch Vanilla Ice singing the catchy tune “Ice Ice Baby” on the home-improvement show, you will get to see the rapper in action as he rips up tired landscaping, puts in new flooring, and completely redoes the mansion in style.

The DIY Network picked up Vanilla Ice, but not his song (Ice Ice Baby) for the development of a home-improvement show that would offer a fresh look at house-renovating strategies for those individuals who enjoy dabbling in do-it-yourself projects.

The DIY show, The Vanilla Ice Project, focuses on home improvement (rather than lyrics, such as “Ice Ice Baby”) and the development of a themed strategy designed to transform the appearance of the mansion.

In season one of the show, the Vanilla Ice construction crew takes their lead from the star’s host, Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) as they take on one room at a time. Of course, with curb appeal being such an important factor in real estate, landscaping was also on the schedule. If you’re a fan of the rapper who sang “Ice Ice Baby,” tune in for this latest development at the DIY Network.

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