Vanilla Ice Homes? Yes, He’s Flipping for a Profit

The well-known celebrity and real estate entrepreneur, Vanilla Ice, is flipping homes for a profit. Interested fans can tune in to existing episodes of the DIY Network’s home-improvement series, The Vanilla Ice Project, for an up-close look at the remodeling and renovation strategies that Vanilla Ice construction guru carries out on homes that he picks up for a song and intends to flip for a worthwhile profit.

Comfortable in his construction-grade sneakers and tool belt, Vanilla Ice works on his homes with the assistance of a crew of friendly, reliable, and handy workers…the Vanilla Ice Builders. Together this team of home-improvement experts remodels the Vanilla Ice homes one room at a time.

The second season of The Vanilla Ice Project promises to be just as revealing as season one concerning home-improvement design theories utilized for the Vanilla Ice homes that are used for the purposes of the show. The rapper, Vanilla Ice, has long held an interest in home improvement and has been in the business of building homes prior to his latest career in home renovation. Season 2 is set to begin filming this July.

A vintage celebrity from the 1990s, Vanilla Ice and his interest in homes are becoming popular in this reality-based series presented by the DIY Network.

While Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) continues his interest in his musical career, he is exploring the profitability of flipping homes for which he personally oversees the renovation and remodeling in this series. The original premise of this DIY home-improvement series is centered on Vanilla Ice remodeling homes for a profit.


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