The Vanilla Ice Construction Crew

During season one of the Vanilla Ice Construction show,the crew gets to work restoring a gutted building to an attractive condition that is livable once again.

This DIY Network reality-based TV series pits the host, Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) against a dilapidated mansion.

Guess who wins? Van Winkle, of course.

This 1990’s rapper has years of home-remodeling experience that he puts to good use on The Vanilla Ice Project along with his builders and construction crew. This Wellington mansion is no match for Vanilla Ice and his builders despite the fact that the previous owners removed everything of value from the home whether it was nailed down or screwed to the floor.

Picking the home up through a short sale, Vanilla Ice and his crew of builders get to work right away on this mansion, which is located in the Palm Beach vicinity.

As an entertainer, Rob Van Winkle is no stranger to the front of the stage, a fact that shows on The Vanilla Ice Project. Hosting The Vanilla Ice Project, Vanilla Ice leads his builders in a variety of home-restoration strategies.

The Vanilla Ice Construction Crew moves from the exterior of the mansion to the interior in a series of well-thought out episodes that take Vanilla Ice and his crew along a renovating path that sometimes merits a redo, a consultation with a staging expert, or another trip to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes. This is just another one of the deals in this entertainer/entrepreneurs career.

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