The DIY Network’s Vanilla Ice Construction Series

Vanilla Ice’s construction projects might not be on your radar yet, they should be. The latest home-improvement reality-based television show stars the rapper Vanilla Ice as he uses his construction know-how to remodel a gutted Wellington mansion during season one of  The Vanilla Ice Project.

The host of the show is none other than Vanilla Ice, whose construction crew follows his every command in order to bring this rundown, pitiful excuse for a mansion back to some semblance of luxury.

From almost the beginning of his adult life, Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, has had construction in his bones. His love of remodeling and renovating houses began with his own, of which he had several. Today, however, the star of The Vanilla Ice Project gets to rule over his crew that assists him with each home-renovation project that needs completion.

Van Winkle will also host a second season of the DIY Network’s reality-based TV series when Vanilla Ice returns to his construction drawing board later this year as they remodel again.

Filming is set to take place in the Palm Beach area of Florida, with the star, Vanilla Ice, again taking point on the construction crew as they set out to remodel another house in dire need of a home-improvement makeover.

Whether you are one of the fans of Vanilla Ice or of construction projects in general, you might want to catch season one’s episodes of The Vanilla Ice Project DIY Network’s website. In addition to home-improvement tips and landscaping advice, you will also get a brief glimpse into Vanilla Ice’s family life

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