NEW The Next Chapter in Short Sales

If you have done, are currently involved in or anticipate doing, a short sale deal, then the following training video is crucial to your future success with short sales. In this, “The Next Chapter in Short Sales,” you’ll discover:

1. The nature of short sales

2. The major changes to the short sale game

3. Why these changes came about

4. How to navigate the new changes for maximum profit

5. The future of short sales


This training has some highly advanced strategies that may confuse those that are brand new. For that reason, if you are first getting started, do not feel the need to watch this. If you do, recognize that not all real estate investing is this technical. Short sales have changed dramatically over the past 5 years and with each new change, they have gotten more and more detailed. BUT, for you agents and investors who are actively doing short sales, this is the most powerful training on short sales you’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

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