Bonus 2: How to Create Long Term Financial Security with Real Estate

Real Estate is the IDEAL investment. Why do I say that? Because you get:

  • Income from your tenants
  • Depreciation from the IRS so your income is tax advantaged
  • Equity from your debt paydown and buying the property right
  • Appreciation over long periods of time, especially when you buy in solid areas
  • Leverage to purchase real estate without using your own money to acquire the property

For example, I own a strip center in Miami. I bought it in the mid 90s for $600,000, back when the place was a dump. Now it’s worth $14M and my commercial tenants are paying me hand over fist every month I get Income from my tenants, I get to offset that income with Depreciation so I pay less in taxes, I have Equity because there is no loan on it, it has Appreciated since I bought it and I bought it using a 15 year loan so I didn’t have to come up with $600,000 cash. And, now, that loan is paid off so once I pay for management, taxes and insurance, I am cashflowing month in and month out a ton! That’s how real estate can create long term financial security for you and your family. In this audio training, led by my director of training and education, Phil, you’ll discover how you can build long term financial security with real estate the way I have.

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