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Welcome backstage into the Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club. In this exclusive area, you’ll find some of the most profitable trainings available for putting money in your pocket now and creating long term financial security with real estate. These audios, videos and articles were created by my rock star real estate team, led by my man Phil. You’ll hear his voice on most of the materials.

VIP Club Bonuses

Bonus # 1 – How to Put Money in Your Pocket Now

Discover the fastest way to put cash in your pocket from real estate… with near STREAM-LINED deals. You can learn to be an expert real estate investor later, this will make you rock star cash quick.

Bonus # 2 – How to Buy Properties for Long Term Cash Flow without Getting a Loan

Real estate is also a great way to get paid for life. This bonus reveals how to acquire properties that pay you month after month for years on end. It’s what creates generational wealth – and what your great grandkids will be thanking you for!

Bonus # 3 – The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Formula

This universal, all in one approach is your “easy” button for real estate. It’s an amazing introduction for beginners and a valuable encyclopedia for experts.

New VIP Club Additions

NEW The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Investors

NEW Where the Money is in Foreclosures

NEW The Next Chapter in Short Sales

VIP Club Archives

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