Introducing the Vanilla Ice Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club Toolkit. These are the tools the most successful real estate investors use to succeed year in and year out. Plus, there is even a few tools that my team developed that no one else know about! Every money making machine uses tools to make their lives easier…these are the tools that are going to make your investing life easier and more profitable. BUT, a tool is only helpful is the person uses it. These tools were built for you to use. So make it happen, you’re the captain!

Power Tool # 1 – Instant Lead Machine

This tool includes both a telephone interview as well as a report whereby a secret technique is revealed on how to generate massive motivated seller leads instantly. This is a technique you will hear no where else. It involves blast calling the For Sale by Owner list. When done correctly, this strategy can instantly create tons and tons of highly qualified motivated seller leads. This one tool can drastically improve your business overnight!

Power Tool # 2 – Instant Communication Skills

With this tool, you’ll discover the secrets of how to communicate with sellers. Whether you are an extroverted talker or a quiet introvert, you’ll find out just how easy and fun it can be to talk to sellers about their properties. Plus, you’ll learn how and when to negotiate, what NOT to say and how to maintain control of the conversation. These basic skills will help you make a whole lot of money because real estate is a people business and when you know how to effectively converse with people, you can structure win-win deals that help sellers and make you a fortune. In addition, you’ll be able to hear these techniques in action by eavesdropping on Live Seller Calls. Hear how the pros do it, live.

Power Tool # 3 – Risk Free Offer Contract

With this tool, you’ll discover how to get deals under contract using a risk free offers. You can only make money on real estate that you control and you control real estate with a contract. When you apply the correct language to your offer, you can get the deal under contract risk free, giving you the flexibility to walk away at any point. In addition, you’ll learn how you can lock in your deal so that a seller will never be able to go around you and sell to someone else. The Risk Free Offer Contract Template and Instructions can be downloaded here as well. This is one of the most important tools in your real estate toolbelt.

Power Tool # 4 – Real Estate Deal Funding

Funding is a stumbling block for many potential real estate millionaires. In some cases, you can secure the greatest deal in the world but if you don’t have the funding, you may only be able to assign the deal but not make the big money. Consequently, real estate funding is often a very misunderstood topic so this tool aims to remove the confusion and help you clearly understand the many different types of real estate funding sources and how to get access to them. Plus, you’ll get a copy of our top secret list of deal funding sources as well as instructions on how to raise private money for your deals.

Power Tool # 5 – How to Sell Any Property Fast in Any Market

The most successful investors not only know how to find the best deals, but they also know how to sell properties quickly in any market to buyers who will pay top dollar. This is what separates mediocre investors from the players. With this tool, you’ll discover the secret to finding the best buyers for any property in any market.

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