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After the record breaking hip hop album, Vanilla Ice got rich all over again. This time, it was in real estate. While other rock stars were blowing their money, Rob was buying properties all across the country and reselling them for millions in profits. It was some of the easiest money he ever made. Then he reinvested those profits into more deals, making money (and many mistakes) along the way. And now, 16 years later, he is an extremely experienced real estate investor.
A few years ago, an associate with Scripps Networks asked if Rob had any unusual interests. Rob said he was a real estate investor. They asked if they could film him investing in real estate for a day. He said sure. And thus was born The Vanilla Ice Project, now the most popular show on the DIY Network and one of the hottest new shows on HGTV. And just this year, they rolled out a second show, Ice My House, which has a similar theme to Extreme Home Makeover with the twist of Vanilla Ice being the remodeling supervisor.
Welcome to where Rob and his team is committed to sharing the knowledge and wisdom they have gained from over two decades of real estate investing experience.







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