A Message From Rob (a.k.a. Vanilla Ice):

“Here are a Few Powerful Tips on
How to Become Financially Free
Right Now!”

TIP #1

“There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Fear is what holds most people back from achieving their dreams in life. Over the past two decades, I have had some very public ups and down.

One thing I have learned, is that fears are a figment of our imagination. I have learned that there truly is nothing to fear but fear itself.

TIP #2

“A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

The smartest business decision I ever made was to find someone who had already achieved the results I was looking to obtain in life and then I modeled him.

Maybe I was a little impatient for success because I opted to learn from the mistakes of others (as opposed to my own). I have found in teaching others for a very long period of time now that so many people over-complicate success.

They feel like they have to “work hard” or “pay their dues” before they can begin to make big money in life. That is simply not true. You don’t need to re-create the wheel. Simply study what successful peoples do, then do it, and you’ll experience the same results!

Success does not come from simply working hard. Construction workers work a whole lot harder than most real estate developers.

Why is Donald Trump a billionaire and the iron worker on his latest development project barely squeaking out a living?

The secret to success in any endeavor is having the right knowledge, the right tools and taking the right actions. And the shortcut to that is to model the techniques and strategies of those people who have already achieved the results that you want to obtain.

Tip #3

“Pay It Forward”

My mentor taught me that I should always “pay it forward” in life. Meaning, I should give away far more than most people would ever dream of giving. He further highlighted that I should avoid giving with the intent of getting something in return. He said to give from a pure heart because you should have the belief that you have more than enough in life. So in following with his advice, please accept the following free gift from me.

In My Free Gift To You, You’ll Discover the SECRETS of…

  • FREE ways to generate unlimited motivated seller leads on auto pilot.
  • A step by step approach to profiting at least $32,000 in the next 90 days.
  • How to talk to sellers, and sound like an industry expert even if you’re brand new to the business… this requires absolutely no selling skills, so you’ll be able to close deals even if you’re uncomfortable talking to people.
  • How to make risk free offers. How to lock in your deals with all of the upside with none of the downside.
  • How to know within 2 minutes whether a potential deal is going to be a money maker or just a time waster.
  • How to negotiate the best deals whether your working with a seller or a bank.
  • How to find the right buyer… Don’t worry about finding a buyer… I’ll teach you how to not only find one buyer, but several potential buyers on every deal allowing you to pick and choose the right buyer for maximum profits.
  • How to get funding for your deals regardless of your background, cash or credit.
  • How to close… FAST. I’ll show you how to work with all parties involved to make sure that everyone walks away happy and you walk away with a massive (and well deserved) payday for your efforts.

After you watch this DVD, you’ll be well equipped to help out homeowners in need, right in your own back yard… You’ll have all of the tools and knowledge required to get rich in real estate in today’s market without cash, credit, risk or experience.

You’ll know how to find more opportunities than you’ll ever be able to take advantage of, you’ll know how to find a buyer for any situation, and you’ll know how to set yourself on a path to financial freedom.

To Your Success,

Rob “Vanilla Ice” VanWinkle

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