Facebook Party With Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice is participating in a ground breaking social media campaign with Hotels.com.

Hotels.com is extending its Clay Yourself digital avatar campaign with a social entertainment experience to woo Facebookers to engage with the brand.

The Expedia-owned site’s new Trip Your Face website is the hub for an interactive journey that starts when visitors select one of three destinations (New York, Paris or Las Vegas) and upload their Facebook photo plus profile photos of up to three friends to participate in the fun.

After choosing which actors to superimpose their faces onto (after a bit of technical fiddling), the action moves to a screen that features a hotel room in New York, Las Vegas or Paris.

As in The Hangover, each hotel room and a trashed hotel room (a video flashback button helps fill in the backstory). The Paris hotel room features retired NBA star Dennis Rodman with some scantily clad women; Las Vegas features Vanilla Ice; while New York’s gangster-style getaway is celeb-free.