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DIY TV Host &
Real Estate
Vanilla Ice

My name is Vanilla Ice and you probably know me as a best-selling hip-hop artist.

But what you may not know is I’ve been making rock star cash with real estate investing for more than a decade.

And now I’ve made it my mission to help my fans make rock star cash too – with great success. Some of our students profit from their first sale in less than 30 days. And if you accept my invitation, you may be next.

To make it happen I’ve got a special offer for you. But before we get to that, I know we’ve got to talk about the obvious…

So here goes….

Ya, ya I know.

Before my hit show “The Vanilla Ice Project” on the DIY network, I bet the last place you expected to see my name was next to real estate investing.

But life happens. And real estate is what happened to me. And when other artists from the Vanilla Ice era went bankrupt, I didn’t. I kept my money safe. Not just that, I grew it year after year with real estate.

And to be completely real…

…Real Estate investing is an insanely profitable skill to have when many people are just looking for a job. And after 15 years, I’m good at it. Really good.

Some would even call me an expert. And by some, I mean the executives at Scripps Networks.

Scripps Networks reaches over 120 million households WEEKLY just between the DIY Network and HGTV. And they came knockin’ down my door to find out…

The DIY network heard about my investment success and decided to give me a call.

And smart on them, because there are a lot of people out there who need to hear positives in this economy. And a TV network is a great platform to share it.

People need to know that you CAN make money in real estate – regardless of who you are, how much cash you have in the bank, or what the banks say your credit rating is.

That stuff just doesn’t matter when you know the ins-and-outs of real estate investing. (I’ll tell you why after the story – )

So the DIY network asks me, “How’d you get in to real estate investing?” And I had a simple answer for them that made sense:

After I released “Ice Ice Baby” I eventually sold more than 160 million records.

That’s a lot of money flowing in to your bank account. And I did what most people with rock star cash do, I bought lots of houses!

But the thing was, I never had time to live in all of them. So I did the right thing…

…I sold them all. And just happened to make more than a million dollars in profit!

It seemed incredible to me that I could make rock star cash in REAL ESTATE, not just selling records and filling concerts.

So when I laid off the music scene a bit, I expanded my real estate business full throttle.

And THAT’s the flip side of Vanilla Ice…

…I still love and make music. But Real Estate investing keeps the rock star cash pilin’ up. And I’m living the dream!

The DIY network ate this up. But they’re a handy-man network, not an investment network.

The show gives me a chance to demonstrate my team’s renovation skills. But you don’t get to see much of our investment skills.

That makes sense for a Do-It-Yourself network, but what about all the people who could stand to make some rock star cash right now?

That’s why I’m so excited to jump to the other side of the Vanilla Ice Project.

Because as years of experience have told me… it’s the dolla that makes ‘em holla.

I don’t care who you are, you have to know someone who could use an extra payday or two each month. And that person could be you, am I right?

There’s a lot of people out there in financial trouble these days. A lot of people who could use a comeback. And I get that.

Maybe you just don’t have confidence your current job will stick around. Maybe you’re already unemployed. Or maybe you’re just ready to start out on your own, fire your boss and make some serious rock star cash.

If that’s you then you’ve got to go where the money is. And the money is in real estate.

Real estate kept me out of financial trouble. And it grew my finances when other famous musicians lost everything.

So I want to show you how to use real estate to rain cash in to your bank account and keep you out of the financial gutter.

Just Imagine Life After Collecting One Giant Check After Another

I can’t guarantee you’ll act the same way I did..but I was bouncing off the walls I was so excited after closing my first deal.

If you’re used to working 40 hours for a measly paycheck, there’s nothing like leaving a deal with a mountain of cash in your bank account.

To make ten thousand dollars or more at your old job you might have to put in month after month of grueling hard work. But real estate investing allows even normal people to turn a few days of focus in to a giant payday.

And it’s all because of this loophole…

So you can invest and flip properties even if you have zero money to put down. No matter what your credit. Regardless of your income or if you even have a job.

Your knowledge is king!

That’s why even beginning investors trained by my team are earning 4 and 5-figure checks… sometimes in their first 30 days. And they…

To see what I mean, check out these recent success stories from just some of our students…


“Wow! I just profited just over $18,000 on my first deal using this program. I’m so happy this was put together. I am a full time computer programmer so real estate was new to me.But the resource materials made it so easy to understand. I can’t wait to do another one. Thanks so much!”

Annie Leong – Nashville, TN


“I worked with many other programs. It wasn’t until being a part of this program that I finally hit abreakthrough. My first deal profited $14,765. What a difference this has made in my life.”

Lorena Tankersley – Lakewood, CO


“I just closed my first deal using this program. I made a profit of $9,678 without using any of my owncash or my own credit. If you are looking to get into real estate, go with this program. It’s the fastest and easiest way to make money in real estate,even if you are doing it on a part time basis, like me.”

Cristina Thelemaque – Chicago, IL

These people are no smarter than you. They’re no better than you.

And they’re not luckier than you. They’re just go-getters who use our training to make their own luck and fortune.

And, you know what? Sure, I’m a famous hip-hop star. But I’m no better than you either.

We all have the same amount of time in the day plus two hands and two feet. And believe me, that’s all you need to make a fortune in real estate.

When I got started, all I had was a tiny bit of knowledge and even less time to give real estate investing a shot.

But just the taste of making over a million dollars from my first 3 sales had me salivating for more.

That million dollars was made selling luxury homes. But there’s plenty of money to be made selling distressed properties in your corner of the country.

If you’d like a chance to duplicate the success of our past students, all you need is a few hours of focus each week to get the ball rolling.

In fact many of our students work a full time job, if not more. So if you have just a tiny window of time available, then you have what it takes to…

And the truth is, we NEED you to step up. There are opportunities to profit from distressed real estate properties all over the country… and my team simply cannot handle them all.

But with you on our team, we have a chance.

That’s why I’ve made it brain-dead simple to learn the ropes and be on your way to making a fortune in real estate.

All you have to do is accept your backstage pass to my members-only site called The Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club. And it’s just $1 for the first 14 days!

Inside you’re going to discover how to become a real estate rock star in today’s market – from A to Z.

If you can promise me just a little time to discover the ins-and-outs of real estate, then I can promise you a first class education. And a real chance at making a FORTUNE in real estate.

It took me a couple years to learn the ropes. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Even lost some money on a few deals…

…before I found out you never have to use your own money!

Now you can profit from my knowledge and avoid my mistakes when you join my VIP club. My team has been busy putting our knowledge down on to paper – turning it in to videos, audios and ebooks for maximum convenience.

And it’s all waiting for you inside the Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned investor – either way your membership will reveal how I, Vanilla Ice, am profiting hand over fist in this market.

Here’s just a portion
of what you’ll discover inside:

How to profit from a sale without ever buying or owning property.
How to build an empire of real estate rentals that feed your bank account month after month… without EVER applying for a loan.
The secret to using other people’s money to secure and close YOUR investment deals. You profit without risking a dime!
How to “flip” a house in minimum time, for minimum investment and maximum profits.
Learn to observe your community like a veteran real estate investor – constantly spotting new opportunities to pad your bank account.
A common “realtor” tool smart INVESTORS use to find sizzling opportunities in your neighborhood.
How to get the “heads-up” on distressed properties in your area. These discount properties can sell way below value and turn a sick profit.
Find luxury properties WAY below value just BEGGING for an investor to take control of the property and SELL IT for rock star cash. (Sell enough of them, and you’ll want to keep one for yourself!)
So secret it should be CIA Classified! This top secret source is an ever-growing collection of new investment property leads and buyer contacts.
Master the foreclosure “wheel of fortune” technique and you can save people from a bad situation and make serious rock star cash at the same time.
Learn to put on your Real Estate Investor “glasses” and immediately see the best way to turn an investment property in to rock star cash.
Discover the insider secrets of expert real estate investors who make $1,000′s, $10,000′s or even $100,000′s on deal after deal. (This is what I do day in and day out. After 15-plus-years it’s like breathing to me and can be for you too.)
Millionaire investor moves that took me more than a decade to learn, now yours just for joining the “Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club.”
The secret to negotiating with sellers: don’t negotiate! Simply spot win-win opportunities no person in their right mind could refuse.
Discover subtle ways to maximize your profits from every investment.
And much, much more

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Beginning or pro investors will get a complete education in real estate investing: from where to find properties, negotiating with banks and sellers, to investing without using a dime of your own money, finding profitable exit models and more.

This is golden information I wish I could reveal on the show. Unfortunately, 30 minutes once a week just isn’t enough time.

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Real estate investing has opened so many doors for me, paid the bills and taken care of my family for more than 15 years now.

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