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SUCCESS! Welcome to the Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club. Here’s your first backstage perk…

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Dear Friend,

DIY TV Host &
Real Estate
Vanilla Ice

Even I’m surprised I secured this deal for you!

It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that you NEED to be a successful real estate investor.

And especially if you want to make real rock star cash like me. The kind of cash that allows you to buy fancy cars, reside in luxury houses and live financially free.

So here’s the deal…

You already know that it’s not your credit report, your savings account or your income that makes you a successful real estate investor. It’s your KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is currency. If you know…

…how to identify a deal that leaks profits from the seams…

…creative ways to get “control” of a property so you can profit…

…and how to create win-win situations for both buyer, seller and you…

…then you don’t NEED an impressive net worth or an 800 credit rating.

The knowledge in your head will take you a long way in making life-changing money in real estate.

But The Truth Is…

Your knowledge can only be as good as your tools.

Back in the early ’90′s, I knew how to rap. But I never would have had the success I did without the tools we had available in the studio.

I know almost more than is healthy about remodeling houses. But if I don’t have my sledge hammer, or table saw or drill… then my knowledge doesn’t get me very far.

That’s why successful investors have a toolkit to help them find distressed properties, funding sources and more.

Our toolkit contains all the tools of the most successful investors… plus a couple more we’ve created in-house that most don’t even know about.

And because you’re now a “Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club” member, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. And at a ridiculously affordable price.

Introducing The Real Estate Rock Star Toolkit

When negotiating with my team for which tools they’d let me discount, I put a line in the sand on a single point.

The tools must cover the entire spectrum of real estate investing.

That means finding properties, negotiating, creating the contract, securing funding and finally selling the property.

And I won the argument with one sentence:

“A true Rock Star toolkit must be COMPLETE.” So that’s what we’ve got for you.

Your Real Estate Rock Star Toolkit includes…


Rock star real estate investors need to find quality leads… and find them fast!

A lead is a motivated seller. And my team has developed a system for not only generating massive new leads at the click of a button… but the leads then call YOU instead of the other way around.

This time-saving device is crucial when you only have a few hours a week to investing. The Instant Lead Machine tool will walk you through setting up this vital system – that you won’t find anywhere else.



Our Instant Lead Machine is going to have your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers asking for help.

So now the question is, what do you say to get the deal?

We’ll cover this in your training.

But it’s impossible to compare instructions to our Simple Communication Skills tool. You get literally hours of audio recordings of trained real estate investors speaking with motivated sellers. You’ll hear exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it.



The most successful real estate investors have mastered the skill of contracts.

But when you’re just starting out it’s important to have a default template to close the deal.

Our “Risk Free Offer” Purchase Contract allows you to make offers quick and easy without the headaches.



Funding is a stumbling block for many potential real estate millionaires

If you secure a property but lack funding, the deal is a bust!

Our Deal Funding tool is our personal, in-house top secret list of funding sources. Don’t let the deal fall through just because you didn’t have our list!



They say in real estate
“You make your money when you buy…”

But I say, You cash your check when you sell! I like cashing checks and Im sure you do too.

This audio tool reveals the fastest, easiest and most sure-fire way to quickly sell any property in any market. Because of that this tool alone is worth a hundred times the cost of the entire toolkit..



Get The Toolkit At 67% Off
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…And I do mean now. I promised my team I would only offer this giant discount to each VIP Club member once. If you leave this page your chance is gone.

Because each tool could easily sell for $50-100, bringing the average total value of the toolkit up to $375.

Truth be told the regular price for the toolkit is an amazing $297.

Of course, $375 or $297 might be what the toolkit costs… but it’s actually worth way, way more. Because it’s going to help you make serious rock star cash month after month from here on out.

That’s why the deal I’ve secured for you is so incredible. And is going to help tons of people just like you make a fortune in real estate.

You get instant access to the Real Estate Rock Star Toolkit for just $97 if you order now. That’s 67% off the regular price.

And Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Like Always

Even though you’re getting a crazy deal, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. It’s important to me that you LOVE everything you get from us. So if you’re anything but thrilled with the Real Estate Rock Star Toolkit, just send an email to support within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase.

Time To Make Your Decision…
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The choice is yours.

Make It Happen, You’re the Captain

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