The Vanilla Ice Project: DIY Network

Former rapper Vanilla Ice brings in a construction crew to complete renovation work on a distressed property in this home-improvement series. The Vanilla Ice Project DIY Network show delivers ten informative segments, each of which offers a glimpse into the rapper’s design philosophy related to home remodeling. His ultimate goal is to create a presentable home from a building that had nothing to offer other than four walls and a roof.

With the first season of the Vanilla Ice Project, DIY Network series, the show revolves around home-improvement strategies intended to increase the appeal of the home for prospective buyers. Of course, this particular Vanilla Ice do it yourself Project building had little to offer in the first place. Drawing from his personal expertise and purchasing his materials and tools from well-known stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) creates a different kind of music with the clanking of hammers and the humming of drills.

The Vanilla Ice Project, DIY Network series is designed to provide home design tips for do-it-yourselfers in an enjoyable yet instructional manner. With the success of the first season of the Vanilla Ice Project, the DIY Network has decided to continue with a second season. Who knows what this year’s Vanilla Ice Project, DIY Network series is going to bring? While it is anyone’s guess, you can be sure that a lot of home remodeling is going to take place on the Vanilla Ice Project, DIY Network series.

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