The Vanilla Ice Project: Home Depot

In the DIY Network series, The Vanilla Ice Project, Home Depot is mentioned as a good place to shop for home-remodeling supplies and tools. While you might not be involved in a complete renovation of a 7,000±SF mansion in the Palm Beach vicinity as is portrayed on The Vanilla Ice Project, Home Depot is still a good store to shop for materials and tools to complete a home renovation no matter what size your remodeling project is.

Robert Van Winkle (aka the former rapper and pop icon, Vanilla Ice) is the charismatic host of The Vanilla Ice Project. Home Depot, a large home-improvement chain of stores, is a cool place to visit even for celebrities. At home, do-it-yourself widows may not understand the charm of home improvement shows, but for their better halves who like to watch The Vanilla Ice Project, Home Depot is a familiar shopping zone.

If husbands are watching each segment of The Vanilla Ice Project, then Home Depot is probably the next stop for them to pick up the supplies and tools that they need for their own home remodeling projects.

Home renovation and remodeling takes a bit of know how, something that interested do-it-yourselfers can pick up watching The Vanilla Ice Project. Home Depot, a popular home improvement store, offers everything that might be needed to complete a remodeling project whether it is inside the home or outside in the yard or outbuildings.

If the man in your life is a fan of The Vanilla Ice Project, a Home Depot gift card might be a good idea for Father’s Day or a birthday.

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